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RS TV Show Tracker is a software designed for TV show addicts – by a TV show addict.

The software allows you to keep track of all the TV shows you watch, by notifying you when a new episode was aired.

Key features

Modern Interface

Full Aero interface and support lots of Windows 7/8/10 features, like progress bar in the taskbar.1

Episode Database

Display summaries and screen captures of the episodes for a quick recap from a multitude of databases!

Unattended Functioning

Automatically mark episodes as seen as you watch them in your video player!2

Subtitle Search

Search for subtitles in more than 30 languages and download them automatically near the video file.

Stream Search

Search for online videos on Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, iTunes and other online streaming services.

File Search

Search for downloaded episodes on your hard drive or network shares blazingly fast!3

Stay Current

Read aggregated news and episode reviews in your language about the shows you're watching.

XMLTV Integration

Hook it up to your XMLTV files and catch local airs of your TV shows.

Show Organizer

Organize your downloaded TV show files with the built-in intelligent file renamer.

Symbolic Linking

Organize your files with symbolic links so you can continue seeding them!4


Display fun statistics like the total time you've wasted watching TV shows.


Share what you're watching with your friends through Twitter, or Facebook!

Recommendation Engine

Recommends you TV shows based on what you're watching right now!

Open-Source Software

Fork it, fix it, extend it, tailor it to your own needs!

Experimental Features

...and much more experimental features are under development!

1 The software only runs on Windows 7 and above. Aero interface available on Windows 8 and above via third-party application Glass8.
2 This is accomplished by monitoring the open file handles of your video player. If an episode is open for more than 10 minutes, it's marked as seen.
3 Scanning a 1 TB local drive containing 11,016 files and 783 folders takes only 0.23 seconds on an NTFS partition!
4 This feature only works when the target directory is on an NTFS partition, as FAT partitions don't support links.

Sites supported

The software supports the following TV show databases:

favicon TV Database Show info Episode listing Episode recaps Episode screencaps Grabber type Languages
favicon TVRage Official XML API English only
favicon The TV DB Official XML API 23 languages
favicon The Movie DB Official XML API English only
favicon Freebase Official XML API English only
favicon XPath screen scrape English only
favicon EPisodeWorld XPath screen scrape 24 languages
favicon IMDb Android XML API English only
favicon AniDB Official XML API 34 languages
favicon Anime News Network Official XML API English only
favicon EPGuides/TVRage RegExp screen scrape English only
favicon EPGuides/ RegExp screen scrape English only
favicon Wikipedia1 XPath screen scrape English only
favicon The Futon Critic1 XPath screen scrape English only

The software supports the following sites and services:

  • favicon Subtitles
    • favicon Addic7ed
    • favicon Subscene
    • favicon OpenSubtitles
    • favicon AlienSubtitles
    • favicon SuperSubtitles
    • favicon Hosszupuska Subtitles
    • favicon Podnapisi
    • favicon Legendas.TV
  • favicon Online videos
    • favicon Hulu
    • favicon BBC iPlayer
    • favicon Netflix
    • favicon iTunes
    • favicon Amazon Instant Video
    • favicon SideReel
    • favicon Serienjunkies
    • favicon Tube+ 7
    • favicon Google search
  • favicon Social networks
    • favicon Twitter
    • favicon
    • favicon Facebook
  • favicon Recommendation services
    • favicon RS TV Show Recommendation
      • favicon People with similar taste
      • favicon Genre and popularity filtering
    • favicon TasteKid
  • favicon Covers
    • favicon The TV DB
    • favicon IMDb
    • favicon Amazon
  • favicon News
    • favicon English
      • favicon
      • favicon TV Fanatic
      • favicon TVbytheNumbers
      • favicon TVLine
      • favicon Inside TV
      • favicon Deadline
      • favicon BuddyTV
    • favicon Hungarian
      • favicon Sorozatjunkie
      • favicon comment:com
      • favicon SorozatGURU
      • favicon SorozatPlanet
    • favicon Romanian
      • favicon TVpedia
      • favicon TV Blog
      • favicon Seriale Tari
  • favicon Internally used search engines
    • favicon Google Web Search API 6
    • favicon Bing Search API 2.0
    • favicon DuckDuckGo
    • favicon Scroogle 8
    • favicon Ixquick
    • favicon Startpage
    • favicon Seeks-Project

* Features marked with a red asterisk are not yet available in the stable release, however if you’re feeling adventurous, they should be in the nightly builds.
1 Wikipedia and The Futon Critic support is very experimental and not yet selectable by users.
6 Unfortunately Google has deprecated all of their web search APIs, so while they still work, all methods which use it should be ported in time to Bing.
8 Scroogle was discontinued and the new intended replacement is Seeks-Project.


Stable channel

The stable channel is a more mature version of the software, with experimental/unstable features disabled. Choose this, if you'd just prefer a stable version whose features have been thoroughly tested.

v2.2.0.710 – April 14, 2014

Installer Portable


After 3 years in development before the previous stable version and countless nightly releases, this version was marked as stable. This update is not pushed out automatically due to the immense amount of changes, so you'll have to update manually by following the instructions provided in the ZIP archive. Upon installing, you will be prompted to upgrade your database. Official changelog soon to follow, until then you can check out the years of changes in the repository.


Join our community on reddit at /r/tvshowtracker!

Nightly channel

The nightly channel is compiled whenever a significant change is committed to the git repository. Choose this, if you'd prefer to be on the bleeding edge and try out all the new features!

v2.2.0.725 – November 29, 2015

Installer Portable


Commits in this build:

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The software is open-source, and you are free to contribute to the project by either working on the source code or writing external extensions.


Class hierarchy

The software was designed to automatically search for derived classes in the current application domain of a base class and use them. This way, every component of the software is extendable. You can integrate your own site into the software just by extending a class: this can be done either from within a .NET language compiled to a library or an external Python script, which the software will interpret at runtime using IronPython.

While the software was designed to be extensible from day 1, extensibility was truly turned up to 11 in the version released around the November of 2011, when external assembly searching was implemented. External assemblies can register their own file extensions (for example IronPython is bundled for *.py scripts) and those will be run through the interpreter implemented as a plugin.

In order to provide new functionality in the software, an external assembly should extend any of the abstract classes implementing the IPlugin interface.

You can see the class hierarchy on the right of this section. Any abstract class on the bottom of the hierarchy is searched for and executed in different phases of the software.

In order to provide a new scripting language, you'll have to subclass the ScriptingPlugin abstract class. You'll have to specify an extension, and the software will call your engine any time it encounters that extension.

A lot of useful helper methods are publicly exposed in the RoliSoft.TVShowTracker.Utils class for you to use while writing an extension, such as GetHTML, GetXML or GetJSON.

More detailed information and concrete code examples are available on the dedicated Plugins page.


The source code of the application is available on GitHub as RoliSoft/RS-TV-Show-Tracker.

To get the source code and compile it, you'll need to install git and either Windows 10 SDK or Visual Studio 2015, then issue the following commands:

git clone git://
cd tvshowtracker

To edit the project you will need at least Visual Studio 2013, as it's a .Net 4.5 WPF project. Depending on your installation, you may also need to install the Visual Studio SDK and Visual Studio Modeling SDK in order for MSBuild to support compile-time text-transformations.

The source is distributed under the Microsoft Reciprocal License, which is an OSI-certified open source license.

Latest commits

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